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How to Measure the Value or Success of Your Website

Turning Your Website into a Genuine Asset

You always wanted a website and now you have one. Now what?
You think your website is helping your business. How do you know?
You track your visits. What does that mean for your marketing strategy?

Turning your website into a real business asset is its purpose. Establish regular checks on its performance and apply the information you gather to gain measurable results in your business.

This analysis should be allocated to somebody specific so that it can be tracked regularly and linked to your marketing strategy. It can be done by:

  • Your web designer with some features mentioned below included in the website to gather information about clients.

  • An SEO expert if positioning on search engines is key to sales. 

  • Your marketing department to directly affect advertising budget distribution. 

  • You, if you are the owner of a small business or responsible for the advertising budget.
It could be a combination of these summarised in a report to maximise the benefit and minimise the time spent on such analyses but one person should be responsible for collating the information and recommending subsequent strategies.

In any case, if it is your company's website, you should take an interest in its performance and its effect on your business and client perception of your company.

Some Tips

Analyse unique visits and resulting sales to measure the growth of your client base. Overall visits may be interesting but it is business generated that is your bread and butter. Don't check the numbers obsessively; look at them with a view to improving your brand image and the website´s utility.

Assess the new business generated via the website and give new customers a survey to find out how they came across the website. For example, via a search engine, another online portal, an advert (which one?), a recommendation or some other source. This will help to identify the effectiveness of your advertising and thus influence your marketing strategy.

Monitor how existing clients use the website, if at all. If not, why not? Are you gaining more sales from them because of or via the website? Are you saving time and money by providing relevant and useful information on the website? Are clients and new visitors satisfied with the functionality, accessibility, usefulness and aesthetics of the website?

Measure the use of your website in quantitative and qualitative terms relevant to your business. Use meaningful statistics to make real changes in your business. Use your website to improve your brand image, your service and your clients´ experience.


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