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Translators Who Save Clients Time and Money

Are You Getting Added Value from Your Translator?

Obviously translators translate but good translators also perform many more tasks to give the client a rounded service with added value for an easier life.

A skilled professional freelance translator is also a project manager, proofreader, editor, researcher, consultant and business manager.

So, are you getting value for money from your translator? I don’t mean ‘Are they cheap?’ I mean do you get a thorough translation with queries ahead of time, possible extensions mentioned early and a final proofreading service once the translation is ready to be printed or exposed to the public eye?

Perhaps these questions will help you answer the one above.

  • How many times has your translator given comments on the original text or suggested changes to website content?
  • Have they queried facts or pointed out inconsistencies, repetitions or errors?
  • Can you tell the difference between a translator who has investigated terminology and one who plumps for the first alternative Google coughs up?
  • How often have you had to pay for a second service to correct the endless mistakes or incomprehensible sentences from a first translation?
  • How much does that cost your company?

Professional translators may take a little more time but if you find one you trust, listen to their proposed time frame and you will save yourself time and money in the long run.

A great translator will:

- go beyond mere word-for-word translation to provide a comprehensive service which results in a clear, easy-to-understand translation suitable for the target audience and faithful to the original text;

- be conscious that their words represent their client and that this image is of paramount importance to the client;

- be aware that the client wants to attract and interest readers, not repel or confuse them, and that the client does not want to spend time explaining the text in the target language, which they themselves may not master; and

- appreciate that any comments on the original text will save their client from potential embarrassment.

Translators cannot be perfect but a good translator will strive for perfection.


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