Sarah Marshall

Translation from Spanish and Catalan into English

Proofreading and Editing of English Texts



I have been translating from Spanish into English since 2007 and from Catalan into English since 2009. Living in the province of Barcelona since 2004 has given me an in-depth knowledge of the Catalan and Spanish culture and language and therefore an ability to pick up on local references or understand colloquialisms and idioms.

19 years of experience working in the private and public sectors and in an NGO mean that I have a substantial professional background from which to draw on in the translation process. This informs my choice of register, tone and vocabulary when producing or correcting a text in English, creating a rich and varied piece of writing suitable for the target audience.

With a combined degree in History and English Literature, I have always had a passion for reading and words. My love of learning and my enthusiasm for my profession have led me to take various writing and translation courses to continually hone my skills as a translator, writer and proofreader.

My portfolio includes over 30 published translations of children's stories and activity books as well as 1 novel and 5 non-fiction books for adults, including 2 corporate histories. I have also contributed translations to several digital or physical secondary school textbooks on a range of subjects and proofread 3 non-fiction works for adults in English and various children's stories and activity books. This is in addition to my extensive experience on translation and proofreading projects for a broad gamut of clients covering a wide scope of topics in different formats.



My direct clients are usually individuals, publishers, organisations, private companies and translation agencies. Indirect clients include renowned international companies and prestigious national cultural entities. Below are some of my direct clients.


Although I am more than happy to deliver one-off projects, my preference is to develop long-term client relationships and a thorough understanding of each client's specific requirements, including corporate styles and vocabulary or formatting requirements.

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