Sarah Marshall

Translation and Transcreation
from Spanish and Catalan into English

Proofreading and Editing of English Texts


Estudio Fénix

Ana María Meca and Óscar Estefanía Hernàndez, February 2021
"Sarah is a professional translator in the best sense of the expression; she is reliable and punctual. Her translations are excellent and, what is more, she always tries to contribute something to the original. Translating texts from popular culture, cinema or comics can sometimes be a little convoluted, but with Sarah we can be sure that the work will be well done and that the translation will have the optimal level of quality."

Natura Bissé

Anna Mosquera i Bondia, October 2020

"It's a pleasure for us to work with you, not only because of your great talents as a translator but also because of your style of communication, your organisation and your flexibility. So we hope to continue collaborating with you for a long time to come!"

Author of Engisara

Xavier Bosch Casanovas, May 2020

"I think a good way of defining the way Sarah approaches her work is: involvement. Yes, she is committed; she gets completely involved in another person’s (or another entity’s) project and makes it her own. From the moment she accepts the project, she does everything possible to make the result of the highest quality and as professional as possible. Thanks Sarah, I hope to work with you again very soon."


Author of Mimi's Dream

Miriam Carmona, May 2020

"It was a pleasure working with Sarah on the translation of Mimi’s Dream. In my experience she is a facilitator and it is a pleasure to fulfil the goal of translating the book with her.
In Sarah’s work, I would highlight her ability to see the details. I think she goes beyond the translation and tries to comprehend the meaning of what she is translating, dissecting the text very precisely. She brings to light all the hidden material and this has connected me to a fundamental value in these processes: trust."

Advantage Consultores

Angela Coll, September 2017

"Sarah is a proactive translator who always thinks about her client’s best interests! We are very happy with the great service and rapid response she provides. It’s a pleasure working with her."


Editorial Mediterrània

Montse Costas, August 2017

"Sarah Marshall is one of the translators with whom we work most closely on translations from Spanish and Catalan into English and proofreading English texts. In addition to being very responsible and meeting deadlines, she always provides some added value to the translations: thanks to her comments sometimes she even contributes to improving the original texts."

Freelance Editor

Ariadna Ferrer, April 2017

"I hope we coincide again one day, I really appreciate your care and aim for perfection when it comes to work. As I said before, it would be great if everyone were so responsible."


Agnès Bergua, November 2015

"Good translator, accurate and rigorous."

Blackpool Digital

Llorenç Roviras, June 2015

"Thank you for your excellent work, Sarah. Commissioning work from you gives us great confidence."

Editorial Mediterrània

Vanesa Roca, January 2015

"It’s a huge pleasure working with people like Sarah, with such discipline and good practice. I’m very grateful for her work: her translations, corrections and observations. They are excellent!"

Websites Editors

Susana Lladó, December 2014

"Sarah has been translating a technology news blog for the past year and I am very satisfied with her work: she is an excellent translator, very responsible, has a good eye for detail, and always delivers the translated articles on time."

Author of A Future for Cain

Juan Bautista Ibarra, October 2014

"Working with Sarah on the translation of my novel, A Future for Cain, has been a completely satisfying experience. From the outset, the communication has been fluid.
Accurate in her observations and precise in the selection of the mot juste. When I read the novel, it’s as if it had been written in English."

Teclat S.L.

Gemma Mensa Gil, December 2013

"We are very happy to have found you! You have been a great discovery and we hope to work much more with you in the coming year."


Marga Mateu, October 2010

"Sarah Marshall is reliable in her work deadlines, rigorous with translations and is very pleasant to work with."



Manel Xicota, February 2013

"At Ormobook we are very satisfied with the translation work Sarah has done for our company, both in straight translations as well as the revision of translations done by other companies that have not satisfied the final customer. Sarah is scrupulous with schedules and the quality of her work, characteristics that greatly facilitate our work and the success of our products. She has done translations done for us in various areas, but I would like to highlight two particularly sensitive areas, such as texts for children, with the necessity of suitable language, and texts on art with very specific terminology."