Here is an overview of our pricing policy.

Web Design

One Fee for Design and Search Engine Registration

simplewords charges one fee for design, contact and e-mail connection, search engine registration and positioning.  simplewords can also translate your website into English at the design stage. The fee is calculated according to the size of your website and its design and language requirements.

Service provider fees

Domain name registration annually renewable. Hosting service paid annually. Search engine publicity – guaranteed positions cost a fixed amount depending on the company. These are paid directly to the provider in your name.


Maintenance to the site will be charged according to the amount of work required.  A regular service may be provided for a fixed fee if your content needs to be updated frequently.

Web Translation

Translation fees are included in prices for web designs which require English pages.

Website translation as a separate service will be charged at standard translation fees. See Translation.

Website translation with the current web design included will be charged according to the complexity of the design as well as the size of the translation.

Proofreading and error correction will be charged depending on scope of service.


Fees range from 0,07€ to 0,11€ / word, depending on the urgency and type of task.  Fees can also be negotiated per page for larger projects.

For further information or a quote please go to the Contact page
or e-mail us at sarah.marshall@simplewords.es.

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