A Comprehensive List of Sarah Marshall's
Published Translations and Corrections in English

February 2017

Let's Explore Menorca!

Activities and Adventures for the Whole Family

This great book from Editorial Mediterrània has missions and puzzles for young explorers to discover Menorca with their families. Divided into chapters covering different aspects of the island's culture, children will be entertained and learn a lot as they earn points for a diploma.  



August 2016

The Invisible Garden

A Hidden Architectural Treasure with All the Hallmarks of Gaudí


David Agulló Galilea reveals the secrets of the little known Modernist architectural ensemble tucked away in the former mental asylum in Sant Boi de Llobregat, near Barcelona.


With striking features that foreshadow some of Gaudí's best-loved constructions, David details these parallelisms and places them in the social, political and religious context of the late 19th century.

David researched the project with the assistance of Daniel Barbé Farré and Jordi Martí Aladern. The pamphlet includes beautiful photographs by Aleix Bagué and Daniel, as well as detailed drawings by Esteve Agulló Galilea.

It was published with the support of the Fundació Glòria Soler.


July 2016

The Ancient Cave Paintings of Altamira

A Historical Perspective on Perspective

Jorge Wagensberg tells the story of how the Altamira cave paintings were discovered by a young girl in 1868 thousands of years after they were first painted. He also gives youngsters an insight into what these pictures tell us about the artists' brain capacity and how astonishing it is that they could depict a three-dimensional object so well so long ago.   altamira


June 2016

Horus by Manuel Santos Varela

A Science Fiction Novel

horus   Manuel Santos Varela creates a page-turning hard science fiction novel connecting ancient Egypt with space wreckage recovery and biotechnology. With its thought-provoking ending, Horus earned the Spanish novelist a Special Mention from the jury at the UPC Science Fiction Awards in 2012.


May 2016

The Alhambra

An Architectural and Literary Masterpiece

Editorial Mediterrània's "A Sea of Stories" collection for children continues with this exploration of the mysteries of the Alhambra in Granada. Three children discover its history and hidden poetry through the lyrical voice of the building itself.   alhambra


May 2016

Fernando Botero and Diego Rivera

Two of South America's Finest Artists

botero   A delightful story by Catalan poet, Sònia Moll, which explores our changing concepts of beauty. The Colombian artist's voluptuous paintings help Sara to feel more confident about a school art project.
A wonderful first insight for youngsters into the larger-than-life Mexican artist and his larger-than-life works of art. Rivera had a passion for depicting the essence of Mexico: its history, people and movements.   diego_rivera


April 2016

Editorial Mediterrània - Dalí

A Sea of Stories Collection


Enter into the weird and wonderful world of the Catalan creative genius with this biography written for children aged 8 to 12.


May 2016

Digital and Physical Textbooks

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, History and Latin



With the increasing emphasis on English in Spanish schools, many publishers are producing textbooks either with English components or even entirely in English.

There is also a noticeable shift towards producing online materials to incorporate the ICT element into learning, facilitating independent study.


Barcanova has opted for including review sections and short projects in English in both their online and physical textbooks for secondary school pupils.

Between November 2015 and May 2016, Sarah translated or corrected the texts for several subjects aimed at pupils aged 12 to 16.


January 2016

Play Granada

Discovering the City through Play

Children can have fun learning about the historic city of Granada with this activity book from Editorial Mediterrània. It includes a giant map, stickers and clues to find all the city's hidden treasures.   play_granada


December 2015

A Sea of Stories: Sorolla

A Painter of Light and Sea

sorolla   A review of the 19th century artist's life and work reveals that, although undoubtedly a master of capturing light and the sea, Sorolla also painted portraits and garden scenes. The well-travelled Valencian drew inspiration from the greats, but triumphed with his own ability to capture an instant with movement and luminosity.


August 2015

Ormobook and McGraw-Hill

Music Textbooks

mcgraw_hill_music_A Translation of 6 units and introductory texts for secondary school textbooks from McGraw-Hill, printed by Ormobook. music_C


July 2015

Two More Little Stories from Editorial Mediterrània

Domènech i Montaner and The Seu Vella in Lleida

Children can learn about the wonders created by the Catalan Modernist architect. His designs include the fabulous Palau de la Música and the innovative Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau as well as various emblematic houses in Barcelona and his beloved Canet de Mar. However, readers will also learn much more about Domènech's life and his contributions to Catalan political life.  

PH Domènech i Montaner

la_seu_vella   This "Little Story" reveals the history of Lleida's 13th century landmark: religious centre, military quarters and monument to peace.


March 2015

Let's Explore Barcelona!

Discover the City with the Whole Family

This interactive book offers young explorers different routes around Barcelona to uncover the city's secrets and earn points to get their very own diploma!

Great to keep the kids entertained, whether you are on holiday or live in the Catalan capital.

It includes puzzles and missions as well as QR codes to connect to relevant Internet content.

  Let's Explore Barcelona


January 2015

Two New Publications

Children's Non-Fiction Books from Editorial Mediterrània

PH Goya

A brief biography of the Spanish Romantic painter with descriptions of some of his most famous works. As with all the books in the "Little Stories" collection, this book is richly illustrated by the inimitable Pilarín Bayés.

The collection "A Sea of Stories" continues with a biography of the Greek painter El Greco, who spent most of his life in Italy and Spain. An interesting insight into the life and work of the 'architect of the Spanish Renaissance.'  


October 2014

Corporate History

ITT - International Trucks and Tractors

itt   Llorenç Roviras writes a fascinating description of how one company's history has paralleled the evolution of Spain's agriculture and logistics. Founded by German diplomat Alberto Ahles in 1878, the company changed hands several times and was affected by the wars of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it continued to expand and modernise until it became ITT in 1991.


September 2014

The History of a Ski Resort

Baqueira-Beret 1964-2014

A beautiful compilation of photographs and descriptions showing the evolution of Baqueira-Beret from its primitive beginnings to its present status as a world-class ski resort.   baqueira_beret


June 2014

E-book Revisions and Translations

TopTapTip's Digital Books for Children

TopTapTip at booqlab has produced these delightful simple stories which can be viewed on the website or bought on iTunes. Sarah Marshall translated or edited all of the English versions of the original story, written and illustrated by Alfons Freire. Bookee is a rabbit who lives in the Land of the Big Carrots. Share his adventures with Keeboo and all their other friends.



TopTapTip has also recently published the first book in a different series, Olivia and the Whale, written by Víctor González and illustrated by S.Bimbo. Translated by Sarah, this book about a girl and her friendship with a whale, incredulous as it may seem to a doubting friend.


January 2014

New Translations

More Little Stories

Translated from Spanish into English in 2013 by Sarah Marshall, three of these non-fiction books aimed at boys and girls give a further insight into the gems to be found in Spanish and Catalan culture. The fourth translation moves into the artistic world of Mexico with a beautifully illustrated tale of Frida Kahlo's life and art.

They are available to order at Editorial Mediterrània's website.

PH Dalí PH Catedral Mallorca

PH VelázquezPH Frida Kahlo


December 2013

Interesting Non-Fiction Books

Edition of Two Very Different Reads

Sarah Marshall has recently edited two very different books. Creative Intelligence by Franc Ponti and Lúcia Langa (Amat Editorial) provides practical ideas on how to boost creativity in our professional and personal lives. Blind Trust with Eyes Open is the personal tale of how Dinor Adam V. Levi experienced corporate mismanagement in the world of telecommunications. Both can be bought at Amazon.



November 2013

Digital Children's Books

Mo and Rick Discover Numbers

This e-book for little children has bright ocean images to help learn numbers. Sarah Marshall edited the English version. The book from TopTapTip can be bought from iTunes or Amazon.



July 2013

Spanish Language Book

English Glossary and Instructions

The Spanish publisher Difusión has produced a Spanish language book with a glossary in various languages, including the English one translated by Sarah Marshall. There is also a language book by the same publisher which includes exercises translated by Sarah.



May 2013

New Translations

Editorial Mediterrània

The Catalan publisher Editorial Mediterrània has published two new translations by Sarah Marshall. The first is from the Little Story series and is about the historic Sóller train in Majorca. The second is from a new collection, "A Sea of Stories", and is about Minorca. Both series are illustrated by Pilarín Bayés and are educational works written in an entertaining way aimed at children. They are available to order at Editorial Mediterrània's website.


November 2012

Little Stories

Sarah Marshall at simplewords is now a published translator.

Sarah has translated these delightfully illustrated stories for children, which are part of a series by Editorial Mediterrània based around famous figures and places in Catalonia. The entire series is illustrated by Pilarín Bayés while the texts are written by various authors. Sarah has also translated another "Little Story" on the Sóller Train in Majorca, which will be published in 2013. The books are available to order from Editorial Mediterrània's website.




June 2011

Children's Literature: Spanish Candidates for 2012 Andersen Award

Author and Illustrator Dossiers

The OEPLI (Spanish Organisation for Children's and Young Adults' Literature) has announced the 2012 Spanish nominees for the Andersen Award, also known as 'the Nobel Prize for children's literature'. The writer Agustín Fernández Paz, author of more than forty books, and the illustrator and sometimes author Javier Zabala, who has illustrated over seventy books. Both authors have been widely translated.

Sarah Marshall translated the web page links above and the dossiers for the nominees' presentations, including literary criticism, articles and pieces by Agustín Fernández Paz and by Javier Zabala.





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