Excellent translation from Spanish or Catalan into English by a native English speaker.

Whichever type of material you wish to have translated, simplewords considers all aspects, from the format to the intended audience.

We can also proofread current documents to check and correct the English.


Whatever you wish to translate or have edited, it is vital that the translation captures the intention of the original author in tone, style and register.  Nevertheless, the piece should also flow in English and for this reason at simplewords we adapt the text to the natural rhythms of English.


We substitute fixed expressions for the most appropriate equivalent in English.  We also use synonyms to avoid repetition and to enrich the work.


All our work is checked and re-checked for possible punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes.  The translation is also reviewed for cohesiveness and consistency.


We can deliver the piece in whatever format the client wishes: Word; pdf; Flash; Photoshop, jpeg, gif, etc.  We can follow the style and formatting of the original text if necessary or adapt it to our client´s needs.

Proofreading and Error Correction

At simplewords we offer a proofreading and error correction service.  We can review styles and content, correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and make suggestions to improve the text.




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