Web Basics

An overview of our services and what they mean for you.

Your Website

We can take your content – text and images, logos etc. – and turn it into a website. 
You tell us how many pages you want and how you imagine it will look.  We design a selection of layouts and you choose which you prefer or suggest modifications. 

You will have a modern, stylish and organic website. The content belongs to you.

This is a fixed cost depending on the number of pages and design requirements.

Domain Names and Hosting

We will find a web domain – the name of your website, for example simplewords.es – and a host – the server where your website will be housed.  The hosting service can provide e-mail services. 

Each web domain name has an annual fee.  The hosting service has an annual fee.  We will find the best value for you. The domain name and hosting service will be in your name.

Your Visitors

We can provide you with information for you to track the number and location of visitors to your website.

We will make suggestions to optimise your content and positioning for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation).

Your visitors can contact you via your website through a form which delivers their information directly to your e-mail or a database. 

This service is free.


Your website is dynamic.  You can add or change content.  This is important to keep clients coming back to your site.

We can update your site.  This can be for a monthly fee or a fixed amount depending on the frequency and amount of content modification.


For further information or a quote, please go to the Contact page or e-mail us at sarah.marshall@simplewords.es

For general information on our pricing policy, please go to the Fees page.


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Web Basics




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